Corporate Menu

Lunch Packages

Option #1

2 salads

Chef selection of assorted sandwiches and wraps

Including vegetarian option

Platter of cookies and assorted bars


Option #2

2 salads

Your choice of 5 assorted sandwiches and wraps

Platter of assorted cookies and bars


Option #3

2 salads

2 specialty platters

(add additional platter $3 pp)

Rolls and condiments 

Platter of assorted cookies and bars


Option #4

2 Salads

bread and butter

2 main entrees

2 side dishes

Platter of assorted cookies and bars


Add assorted soda & bottled water to any menu 


Set up, delivery & clean up included on all parties over 20 people



Continental breakfast

Fresh blueberry scones

Assorted hot muffins / Corn /Blueberry / Chocolate chip / Healthy harvest / Cranberry orange

Fresh bagels / Plain & flavored cream cheese

Fresh bake croissants / Danish

Orange & Cranberry juice   


Hot breakfast

Fresh blueberry sconesAssorted hot muffins
Corn / Blueberry / Chocolate chip / Healthy harvest/  Cranberry orange
Fresh bagels / Plain & flavored cream cheeses
Fresh bake croissants / Danish
Scrambled eggs
Egg white & vegetable  frittata
French toast
Home fries
Bacon & sausage

Orange & cranberry juice 


Sides & Snacks

Fresh fruit platter   

Granola bars          

Yogurt cups, assorted  


Coffee service

Coffee by the thermal pot
 thermal pots which serves 8 to 10 cups

Regular house blend
Decaf house blend
Flavored coffee
Assorted teas



Red Oak leaf lettuce

Tossed with toasted almonds / Feta cheese / Dried cranberries / Red onion / Sweet red wine vinaigrette

 Spinach salad

 Candied pecans / Blood orange & honey dijon dressing

 Boston bib lettuce

 Apple/ Dried cherry / Walnut salad / Maple dressing

 Toasted lemon orzo salad
 Red peppers / Scallions / Olives / Herbs

 Sugar snap pea salad
 Toasted black sesame / Asian      vinaigrette

 Cavatapi pasta with shrimp
Fresh plum tomatoes / Capers / Fresh herbs

 Fresh green bean salad
 Toasted pine nuts / Sun dried tomatoes

 Pasta bows
 Baby shrimp / Peas / Saffron sauce

 Veggie broccoli salad
Red wine vinaigrette

 Classic cobb salad
Turkey / Crumbled blue cheese / Mushrooms / Bacon / Avocado



Specialty Soups  

Butternut squash bisque

Tomato leek

Roasted red pepper bisque

Navy bean & Spring


Tomato florentine

Lobster bisque

Three bean vegetarian chili

Vegetarian black bean

Chicken gumbo


Manhattan clam chowder

Shrimp bisque

Classic sandwiches

Tuna salad / Chicken salad / Egg salad

Roast beef / Honey ham

Italian combo / American combo

Roast turkey / Smoked turkey

Grilled vegetable

Assorted Sandwiches & Wraps

Roast beef / Horseradish mayo

Teriyaki flank steak / Salsa wrapper

Toasted almond chicken salad / Sun dried tomato wrap

New England turkey sandwich / Cranberry sauce/Stuffing/Multi grain roll

Grilled shrimp/ Mango salsa /Wrap

Grilled salmon/ Red onion Marmalade / Wrap

Brie, pear & endive / Multi walnut raisin roll

New Yorker /  Hot pastrami / Rye / swiss

Curried chicken salad /  Wrap

Greek wrap / Grilled chicken /  Tomato / Red onion / Baby greens / Feta cheese / Tzatziki

Cobb salad wrap / Turkey / Bacon / Bleu cheese / Hard boiled egg / Tomatoes / Lettuce / Avocado / Balsamic vinaigrette

Steak sandwich / Marinated flank steak / Fried leeks / Spicy BBQ sauce

The Greyrock  Roast beef / Gruyere / Caramelized onions / Arugula / Horseradish Mayo / Brioche

Mediterranean chicken panini / Grilled chicken / Feta / Roasted peppers / Black olives / Spinach / Hummus

Grilled vegetable / Fresh mozzarella/ Balsamic/ Focaccia

Caesar marinated chicken/ Parmesan/Romaine/ omatoes/Wheat wrap

Lobster salad club wrapper

French ham & gruyere/ Herb butter/ Baby croissant

Nectarine / Arugula / Boursin / Brioche

Red pear / Manchego / Fig jam / Brioche

Smoked turkey & avocado/ Lemon mayonnaise/ Hummus/ Sprouts/ Cucumber/ Tomatoes/ Red onion/ Feta- Dill dressing/ Healthy veggie wrap

Pesto Bello / Portobello mushroom / Goat cheese / Roasted red peppers / Pesto / Brioche

Side Salads  

Three bean salad

Tomato & mozzarella salad

Wheatberry salad / Apples / Cucumbers / Lemon Juice

Carrot & raisin salad

Mediterrannean quinoa salad

Dried fruit / Peppers / Broccoli

Pesto green bean & tomato salad

Spinach & tortellini salad

Orzo & vegetable salad

Broccoli / Carrots / Peppers / Garbanzo beans / Craisins

Edamame & bean salad

Roasted corn / Peppers / Onions / Cilantro / Cumin

Side Dishes

Roasted red bliss potatoes

Haricot vert

Garlic mashed potatoes

Lyonnaise potatoes

Grilled teriyaki vegetables

Potato gratin

Grilled corn on the cob

Potato dauphine

Sautéed herb vegetable medley

Grilled asparagus & red peppers

Specialty Platter

Poached salmon platter Red onion marmalade

Sweet chili glazed salmon

Roast pork loin Apple & raisin compote

Grilled flank steak Grilled pineapple

Grilled turkey paillard Cranberry sauce

Lemon, basil & thyme chicken breast

Shitake mushroom crusted salmon

Potato crusted filet  Mustard creole sauce

Poached chicken  Curry yogurt sauce

Chilled shrimp  Horseradish marmalade

Grilled rosemary chicken Roasted corn salsa

Grilled marinated teriyaki vegetables

Grilled shrimp Garlic/Herbs/ Olive oil

Best mixed grill platterClove & brown sugar glazed spiral ham/Honey mustard sauce

Low carb wrappers  Lettuce wrapper

Sesame salmon Shredded carrots/Sesame oil/Asian cabbage/Julienne tri colored peppers

Spicy grilled chicken Sambal mayo

Grilled turkey paillard Roasted corn/Dried cranberries

Grilled shrimp Mango salsa

Antipasto Assorted Italian meats/Provolone/Tomato

Hot Entrees

Chicken marsala Fresh mushrooms/ Light brown sauce/ Marsala

Salmon francaise  Lemon butter Balsamic Chicken

Warm White Bean & Tomato Ragout Fresh Basil

Almond Crusted Chicken Breast

 Dijonaise sauce

Apple and Wild Mushroom

Stuffed Chicken breast / Pan gravy

Chicken marbella

Spanish olives /  Dried plums /  Capers / White wine

Stuffed Flank steak

Spinach & boursin cheese

sherry wine sauce

Pan Seared Veal Medallion

Roasted peppers / Sautéed spinach Mozzarella / Madeira wine sauce

Grilled herb chicken/ Corn salsa

Pan Seared Chicken Piccata

Lemon /  White wine / Capers

Mediterranean Chicken

Maple sugar & ginger Roasted pork

Steak Pizzaiola

Mushrooms / Chopped tomatoes

Rich tomato sauce

Cajun Tequila Shrimp

Fettuccini pasta / Parmesan cream

Baked Cod  Lemon butter sauce

Grilled Scallops  Cilantro lime butter

Herb rosted pork tenderloin Pan demi

Chicken breast  Prosciutto/ Swiss/ Port wine demi

Penne Vodka

Bow ties  Shrimp/ Peas/ Tomatoes

Lobster ravioli  Saffron cream

Whole wheat spaghetti

 Spinach / Tomato / Broccoli  

Lemon garlic oil


Roasted cauliflower / Grilled tomatoes / Garlic / Spinach /

Feta cheese

Rigatoni bolognese


Strawberries / Apricot bars

Raspberry squares / Magic bars

Chocolate cheesecake brownies

Homemade cookie & dessert bars

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