"The fabulous party they catered at my house went way beyond my expectations. Every single guest is still raving about the delicious and beautiful food. The staff was so friendly & professional. I did not have to do a single thing other then enjoy myself. When they left, they left my house in perfect condition as if they were never there."


"I do not know how the evening could have been better. The room looked fabulous, the serving staff was outstanding, the finger food worked out great for the teens and the carrot cake was truly a hit."


"Best in Gourmet was truly wonderful to work with. They were so accommodating with all my special requests. I came to them with alot of ideas of what I wanted and they were able to organize them and put it all into one menu. The end product was a party that my friends continue to talk about 4 months later. "


"Best in Gourmet caters our companies lunches 3 times a week, I look forward to those days every Monday. Their platter display is always so original and creative. Their salad bar has a nice mix of organic ingredients and different cold salads that change day to day. The food is always inventive and tastes great we measure everyone else up to Best in Gourmet. "


"Its always hard to turn over your kitchen to someone else especially when you are told about it an hour before. My husband was nice enough to throw me a suprise party at our home, but the big surprise was that I was going to have to leave my kitchen in Best in Gourmet's hands. Chris was incredibly calm and professional and treated my kitchen as if it was his own.  The atmosphere and the food were so beautiful and delicious that I will continue to use Best in Gourmet for all my events."


"Best in Gourmet has the right idea, great food & great service = our number 1 caterer in Fairfield County. They are always so reliable and the food is always delicious."


"Thank you thank you for such a successful holiday party. You made it easy to just sit back and relax with my co workers!"


"Such a  great job on our daughters wedding. You and your staff made it such a memorable day. We will continue to use Best in Gourmet for all of our family events."


"Thank you so much for coming through on such short notice for me!! I have to tell you that Doctor LOVED the food and the service. He was extremely happy with everything. He even took food home with him, and he never does that. "

"Again, I cannot thank you enough. I will be happy to spread the word to the other departments as well as to family and friends. "

"Thank you for the follow-up. Last night was great. Everyone loved the food as always and of course Steve and the staff did an awesome job. Eliana was extremely happy."